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Cornerstone Christian Church Leadership

The book of Acts details the organization of the Lord's church. A main ingredient of that is leadership. The Church's leadership is comprised of Elders (Shepherds, Pastors). These men are appointed by a local body of believers to give servant leadership to the body.

At Cornerstone Christian Church we elect elders at the beginning of each fiscal year. Elders serve one year and then must be reelected.

Our Elders for this fiscal year are (from left to right):
Willaim Zeh, Aaron Fusselman, Dale Dunayczan & Ed Aller..

In addition to the Elders, Cornerstone Christian Church has set apart several Ministry Coordinators.

These include:

Gerald Wilgus - Land/Building Acquisition

Kim Justice – Barnabas

Mandy Fusselman – Children's Ministry

Rick Meadows – Finance

Mike Whitney – Audio/Visual

Tom Crouch – Missions

Cecil King - Building Maintenence


Kent Hawkins serves as Cornerstone's full-time paid minister.

Steve Trinkle serves as Cornerstone's part-time paid associate minister.

Sunday School - 9:00 AM - All Ages (cancelled June-August)
Family Worship - Sunday, 10:00 AM -- Nursery, Preschool Classes & Children's Church

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